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Cheparinov's 1. d4! - Volume 1: King's Indian and Grunfeld

Cheparinov's 1. d4! - Volume 1: King's Indian and Grunfeld

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Product type: Printed book

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Ivan Cheparinov

Sample pages (pdf)

In this first volume of Cheparinov’s 1.d4! readers will learn the author's own way of working on openings, and the way he analyzes. Many of the lines and conclusions in this book are based not only on computer evaluation, but also on the practical point of view.

Of course all the lines have been deeply analyzed by strong engines and, although they may not be not perfect, all evaluations are based on the author's own understanding and knowledge of chess. In the book Cheparinov reveals many new ideas and concepts.

The first volume of the series focuses on 3.f3 against the Grünfeld and King's Indian, two of the most popular openings against 1.d4. The book tries to examine all possible lines for Black after 3.f3, but focuses on the most principled ones. Most of the lines are very double-edged.

There are some very interesting options for Black as well. This is one of the things that should be done do in opening preparation - look at the openings for both sides. The lines chosen For White are not only the best, but also give Black problems to solve during the game.

Ivan Cheparinov is a Bulgarian Grandmaster, four time Bulgarian champion and former second to Veselin Topalov.

Published 2020, softback, 191 pages.

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