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Centre-Stage And Behind The Scenes

Centre-Stage And Behind The Scenes

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Product type: Printed book

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Yuri Averbakh

The autobiography of an insider when chess was a vital factor in the USSR

Yuri Averbakh (born 1922) is a distinguished Russian Chess Grandmaster who has enjoyed a long and varied career. He has been a top player, a journalist, an editor, an arbiter, a trainer and a long-time member of the board of the Soviet Chess Federation.

Averbakh won the USSR championship in 1954 and was a leading Soviet Grandmaster for two decades. In this personal memoir he looks back on his days as an active player, but also on his experiences as a quintessential insider when chess was considered a vital ingredient of life in the Soviet Union.
Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes describes the machinations of the notorious 'Sports Committee' and offers surprising personal views on Soviet players like Botvinnik, Smyslov, Kortchnoi, Petrosian, Tal and Spassky.

Averbakh recalls his dealings with Max Euwe and Bobby Fischer, writes touching portraits of some almost-forgotten masters and offers sharp analyses of 20th century chess politics.

A unique, revealing and well-told story, essential reading for everybody interested in the history of chess and the Soviet Union.

Published 2011, softback, 268 pages.

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