Some information about Fritztrainer download products


Make a note of the product activation key. Click on the Setup link. Click on next and install within the installation process. It will use the standard pathway in your documents/chessbase folder.


You can view the product through Chessbase 15, 16, Fritz 17, 18 or ChessBase Reader 2017 (free) if you have installed one of these programs. The Fritztrainer will be opened and upon opening the first video you need to unlock and activate the product: Please enter your activation code. In addition (only for ChessBase 14,15, Fritz 16,17 and ChessBase Reader), you must enter the security code from the green graphics. A click on "OK" will unlock the videos.

ChessBase Reader 2017 can be downloaded from here

You do not need a DVD drive.

The Mac installer is available for certain products only (please see product description) and only for the download version of the product.