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Building Up Your Chess

Building Up Your Chess

Ref: c2308

Product type: Printed book

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Lev Alburt

This is a greatly expanded and revised edition of Alburt's Test and Improve Your Chess which includes chapters on the art of evaluating chess positions accurately, specialization (how to gain complete mastery of a specific type of position) and an example of how to make discoveries in an opening; in this case the Benko Gambit. Alburt introduces his concept of chess graphs as a method of tracking and analysing the development of your games and of pin-pointing critical moments.

Part 3 of the book features four complete games in which questions about the game position are posed to the reader almost every other move. This method forces you to analyse the book game in a structured way which will carry through to your own over-the-board efforts. Answers are provided at the end. An excellent follow-up to Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course series.

Published 2002, softback, 349 pages.

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