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Bluffer's Guide to Chess

Bluffer's Guide to Chess

Ref: h1690

Product type: Printed book

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B W Malpass & Boris Starling

Bask in the admiration of your fellow chess experts as you pronounce confidently on the merits of the, "Crab Variation" compared to the "Fried Liver Attack" or "Reti's Opening" versus the "Cornstalk Defence".

If by some mischance you are forced into an actual game, and thereby risk being exposed for the benevolent bluffer that you unquestionably are rather than the grandmaster that you claim to be, this guide will demonstrate how you may be able to mitigate your disadvantage. And, if in doubt, always remember the bluffer's mantra: It's not what you know, it's what they think you know.

The Bluffer's Guide to Chess will tell you everything you need to know about a game where the maxim: "strategy is simple, but not easy" actually makes sense. Learn when to deploy counter-gambits and fianchettos, which names to drop and bluffing strategy. Never need a lesson again!

Published 2020, softback, 128 pages.

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