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Bishop Endings: An Innovative Course

Bishop Endings: An Innovative Course

Ref: t1017

Product type: Printed book

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Efstratios Grivas

Sample pages (pdf)

This publication is an almost exhaustive collection of all you can find about bishop endings - it is "ready knowledge". You will learn hundreds of rules, patterns and key positions. The author guides you through the examples in a highly instructive and easy-to-understand way.

Reading the whole book, will improve your knowledge on two fronts:
- Your knowledge of theoretical positions will save time at the board.
- You will gain a general understanding of bishop endings that will give you a considerable head start in reproducing them in your own games.

Grandmaster Efstratios Grivas is a Senior FIDE Trainer. He has represented his country (Greece) on a great many occasions, winning an individual gold medal at the 1989 European Team Championship and an individual silver medal at the 1998 Olympiad.

Published 2017, softback, 178 pages.

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