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Bird's Opening

Bird's Opening

Ref: p4402

Product type: Printed book

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Timothy Taylor

International Master Timothy Taylor has been playing the Bird's Opening (1.f4) throughout his chess career and thinks it's about time more players took up the opening which is, after all, a Dutch Defence with an extra tempo!

In this book he explains the ideas behind the Bird's and shows how best to play against Black's main defensive setups. In three sections he analyses Reversed Dutch Systems, From's Gambit and Sicilian and Unusual Defences. Presentation is by means of 53 extensively annotated games organised into eleven chapters.

Taylor offers his own recommendations on strategy and move order throughout, based on his own practical experience with the opening. He examines both the Classical Bird (f4,e3,Nf3,Be2) and the fianchetto Bird with b3 for White, giving enough material to enable the reader to make the choice of which system to play.

International Master Timothy Taylor is author of Slay the Spanish! and Slay the Sicilian! amongst other books.

Published 2005, softback, 224 pages.

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