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Berlin Defence

Berlin Defence

Ref: x8289

Product type: Printed book

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Igor Lysyj & Roman Ovetchkin

Igor Lysyj's introduction:
Every grandmaster who intends to begin defending the black side of the open games must first find the right answer to the question - which line to choose against the Ruy Lopez? I was no exception to this rule. I was taking a walk once with my friends Alexander Riazantsev and Igor Kurnosov and they came up with a wonderful idea: "You've always been an excellent endgame player; study the Berlin Wall!" I liked that advice very much and it gave me a clear direction for studying a new repertoire.

I worked hard at mastering 1..e7-e5 for Black and the results were very fruitful in the 2011 World Cup, where I had no problems at all after 1.e2-e4. I was especially happy with the outcome of the opening battle against the outstanding theoretician M. Kobalia. In fact, in one of the main tabias of the anti-Berlin system I found an order of moves which I believe to be among my best analytical achievements.

In this book Roman Ovetchkin and I have decided to illustrate the theoretical section with model games and thorough analysis of these will undoubtedly help the reader to gain a better grasp of the finer points of this system and orientate himself among the enormous amount of information available.
Igor Lysyj is an International Grandmaster and participated in the Russian team which won the World Students' Championships on 2008. Roman Ovetchkin is an International Grandmaster, an experienced coach and trainer and winner of several international tournaments.

Published 2012, softback, 276 pages.
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