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Attacking Chess: The French

Attacking Chess: The French

Ref: p4646

Product type: Printed book

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Simon Williams

Sample pages (pdf)

Grandmaster Simon Williams presents an ambitious opening repertoire for Black based on the ever-popular French Defence. In particular he recommends the Winawer Variation (3..Bb4) after 3.Nc3 and 3..Nf6 in the Tarrasch System (3.Nd2). He also offers ideas for Black against the Advance Variation, King's Indian Attack and Exchange Variation. The repertoire is illustrated using 59 key games with extensive notes and explanation of Black's plans.

Williams' recommendations are based on his own practical experience in playing the French, where his ideas have stood the test of time against powerful Grandmaster opposition.

Simon Williams is a Grandmaster, an experienced chess coach and a popular writer. He is much-admired for his dynamic and spontaneous attacking style of play.

Published 2011, softback, 320 pages.

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