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Art Of Attacking Chess

Art Of Attacking Chess

Ref: g0097

Product type: Printed book

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Zenon Franco

Sample pages (pdf)

This attacking manual from Grandmaster Zenon Franco examines some typical attacking motifs in various situations through the medium of 33, extensively annotated, attacking games in six themed sections. These include: The King in the Centre, Opposite Side Castling, Same Side Castling, Exploiting Temporary Advantages, Horwitz Bishops and Miscellaneous Themes.

Many of the skills needed for attacking chess can be learnt by study and practice and so Franco, one of the world's most experienced annotators has explained these example games in a way that strips away the mystery. We see how the decision to attack is made, and which positional factors led to that decision being justified. We observe either a gradual build-up, or a lightning-fast storm, and understand why one approach or the other was necessary. Finally, we witness the final execution of the tactical blows.

The book also includes 73 diagrammed exercises, using positions from Master games where the reader has to find the correct attacking continuation.

Zenon Franco is a grandmaster from Paraguay who now lives in Spain. He is an experienced chess trainer, his most notable pupil being Paco Vallejo, now one of the world's top grandmasters.

Published 2008, softback, 255 pages.

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