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Alekhine Alert

Alekhine Alert

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Product type: Printed book

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Timothy Taylor

Sample pages (pdf)

The aim of Alekhine Alert is to provide Black with a sound, but not-too-theoretical repertoire in Alekhine's Defence (1.e4,Nf6). International Master Timothy Taylor explains which lines he does and doesn't like for Black, and why, before presenting a repertoire which offers Black counterattacking chances from move one. He examines all White's attacking options including the Modern Variation (4.Nf3) the Four Pawns Attack, the Exchange Variation, the Chase Variation and many other sidelines, with analysis of 74 complete games to back up his recommendations.

Against 4.Nf3 he goes for 4..dxe5; followed by 5..g6; or 5..c6; and against the Four Pawns Attack he opts for 5..g6; for Black. As with Taylor's other books, e.g. on Bird's Opening and the Budapest Gambit, his analysis is thorough and based on what he has found to be the most successful lines for Black from his own experience. He avoids systems which require memorising huge chunks of analysis just to survive.

This enthusiastically written repertoire book offers the reader a complete defence to 1.e4.

International Master Timothy Taylor is an experienced tournament player who has enjoyed several notable successes, including winning the US Open.

Published 2010, softback, 285 pages.


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