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50 Essential Chess Lessons

50 Essential Chess Lessons

Ref: g0041

Product type: Printed book

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Steve Giddins

Sample pages (pdf)

In this modern day emulation of Chernev's "The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played" Steve Giddins has chosen 50 supremely instructive games - some old, some new, and including many that few readers will have seen before. He has annotated these games in detail from a modern perspective, explaining the useful lessons that can be learnt from them, while avoiding the dogma that characterized many older works of this type.

Topics include: Attacking the King, Defence, Defence, Piece Power, Pawn Structure and Endgame Themes. Each game is followed by a recap of the main lessons to be learned. In many ways this book is a treatise on modern positional play.

Giddins writes in a highly accessible down-to-earth style that appeals to club players seeking to improve their understanding of practical chess. His knowledge of Russian-language chess literature has enabled him to find many excellent examples that have not appeared in previous western literature.

Steve Giddins is a FIDE Master from England who plays regularly in international events and has frequently contributed to the British Chess Magazine.

Published 2006, softback, 160 pages.

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