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1001 Deadly Checkmates

1001 Deadly Checkmates

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Product type: Printed book

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John Nunn

Sample pages (pdf)

This book, intended as a follow-up to How to Beat Your Dad at Chess, offers you the chance to learn and practice the checkmating patterns that will form an essential part of your chess armoury. The 1001 diagrammed examples are arranged thematically according to the type of checkmate involved and points are awarded for solving them correctly.
The book begins with elementary one or two move checkmates and moves on to more complicated examples involving ideas such as line blocking, discovered check and queen sacrifice.

By focusing exclusively on positions from real games, ranging from junior events to Grandmaster encounters, John Nunn ensures that the mates featured are those which arise most often in real life. He also highlights themes and ideas that are often missed in practice. While solving these puzzles, your all-important "mental library" of patterns will grow, leading to an immediate increase in your playing strength.

Dr John Nunn is one of the best-respected figures in world chess. He was among the world's leading Grandmasters for nearly twenty years, winning four gold medals in chess Olympiads and finishing sixth overall in the World Cup in 1989. He is a much-acclaimed writer, whose works have won 'Book of the Year' awards in several countries. In both 2004 and 2007 Nunn was crowned World Chess Solving Champion, ahead of many former champions.

Published 2011, softback, 303 pages.


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