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1000 TN!!

1000 TN!!

Ref: y7062

Product type: Printed book

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Aleksander Matanovic (Ed)

The best theoretical novelties

From 1971 to 2011 the Chess Informant jury has voted on the top ten theoretical novelties (TNs) from each volume. 1000 TN!! includes the 1000 best theoretical novelties from Chess Informants 11 through to 110 and provides a window to the greatest chess opening ideas of the last 40 years. To keep you up-to-date 1000 TN!! also adds the latest word on theory in each TN.

The book includes the complete games featuring TNs, with the original annotations (often by the Grandmasters involved) and updated theory, together with indexes of players, ECO opening codes, ECO reference and annotators.

Also included are the voting table from each volume and photos of many of the winners.

Published 2012, softback, 638 pages.

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