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100 Endgames You Must Know

100 Endgames You Must Know

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Product type: Printed book

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Jesus de la Villa

Fourth Edition

Sample pages (pdf)

Most players tend to neglect the endgame, many even dodge the endgame by taking extreme risks in the middlegame, simply because they feel uncertain about the final phase. But time limits have shortened, and the endgame has to be played fast. A solid basic knowledge is vital. There are, contrary to what most amateurs believe, relatively few endgames one must know.

Here the 100 endgames are presented that:
- show up most frequently in practice
- are easy to learn
- contain ideas and concepts useful in more difficult positions.

This book examines what the author calls "exact endings" i.e. those where there is a clear winning or drawing plan. He recommends that you play through the examples given here and seek to understand the rule which applies to each ending. This will enable you to remember how to play each type of ending whatever the exact position on the board. All the endings considered here are highly relevant to practical play and organised into chapters according to material on the board, as usual. This book is not an encyclopedia, but a practical tool to learn the basics of endgame theory.

Jesus de la Villa Garcia is an International Grandmaster and a former champion of Spain. He has written many books and is a famous chess coach.

Published 2015 (original edition 2008), softback, 254 pages.

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