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1.d4 The Chess Bible

1.d4 The Chess Bible

Ref: t0111

Product type: Printed book

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Armin Juhasz

Sample pages (pdf)

This book aims to provide an overview of a White repertoire with 1.d4 in five main openings: The King's Indian Defence, The Grunfeld Defence, The Slav Defence, The Benoni and The Catalan.

It offers analysis of classical games and typical tactical motifs to provide an in-depth understanding of the associated middlegames. A concluding chapter explores typical endgames that are likely to arise from these openings.

Each chapter includes a thorough discussion of a particular opening, answering questions such as what types of players choose it, which world champions played it, or how games typically proceed afterwards.

* Classical games by grandmasters
* Annotated games to demonstrate how White can play 1.d4
* Examples and analysis
* Typical tactical motifs
* Exercises for individual practice
* Tips against the given opening

The book includes exercises, tips and a "homework" section so the reader can gain a deeper understanding of positions in their own time.

Armin Juhasz is an International Master from Hungary.

Published 2021, softback, 278 pages.

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