Starting Out: 1.d4

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Part One: The Indian Defences
p11. 1. King's Indian
The Bayonet Attack
The Fashionable 7...Na6
Alternatives to 7...Nc6 and 7...Na6
Black Avoids 6...e5
Illustrative Games

p40. 2. The Grünfeld
Black Swipes the a-pawn
Black Develops with ...Nc6
Black's Alternative Plans
Illustrative Games

p60. 3. The Nimzo-Indian
Black Plays 4...d5
Black Plays 4...0-0
Black Plays 4...c5
The Zürich Variation
Illustrative Games

p85. 4. The Benoni and Benko
The Modern Benoni
The Benko Gambit
Illustrative Games

Part 2: The Queen’s Gambit
p103. 5. The Queen's Gambit Declined
The Exchange Variation with Nge2
Black Deviates from the Main Line
The Tarrasch Defence
Illustrative Games

p124. 6. The Queen's Gambit Accepted
Black Plays 7...b5
Black Forces an IQP
Other Defences to 7 Bb3
Early Black Alternatives
Illustrative Games

p144. 7. The Slav
The Bishop Sacrifice
Black Plays 6 Ne5 Nbd7
Black Avoids Bf5
The ...a6 Slav
Illustrative Games

p169. 8. The Semi-Slav
The Botvinnik Variation
The Anti-Moscow Gambit
The Cambridge Springs
The Marshall Gambit
Illustrative Games

p194. 9. The Albin and the Chigorin
Introduction and Rare Defences
The Albin Counter-gambit
The Chigorin
Illustrative Games

Part 3: Black’s Other defences
p204. 10. The Dutch
The Classical
The Stonewall
The Leningrad
Illustrative Games

p219. 11. Rare but Tricky Tries
The Budapest
The Modern
Black Plays 1...d6
Black Plays 1...e6
Miscellaneous (Includes 1...Nc6, 1...e5, 1...c5 2 d5 f5, 1...b5, The Vulture and the Tango)
Illustrative Games

p234. Index of Variation

p238. Index of Complete Games