From London to Elista

Ref: n1219

Former Dutch Champion IM Gert Ligterink, de Volkskrant:
"Undisputably the best chess book of 2007 (...) A terrific read."

"Simply breathtaking."

British Chess Magazine:
"Absolutely riveting."

Bob Long, Chessco:
"It's insider stuff. It's history. It's anecdotes. It's real. It's terrific."

Johan Hut,
"A monumental book."

"The reader has been given a backstage pass to the inner sanctum of world championship contenders, experiencing the physical and emotional roller coaster they must endure on their way to the highest title in chess."

Former British Champion Jonathan Rowson:
"Excellent (...) Consistently engaging and instructive."

Elburg Chess Reviews:
"I can assure you that this is one of those books that you cannot put down."

Cor Jansen, PZC:
"For those interested in chess technique there are brilliant analyses. Lovers of intrigue and tall stories have a lot to enjoy. But the psychology of power play is not forgotten, either (...) Anand and his helpers will be looking at the analysis with suspicion. The objective outsider wonders why Kramnik and his seconds are putting their cards on the table just now. Is this higher chess psychology?"

Delaware Chess Newsletter:
"A BIG chess book and a lot of fun."

John Donaldson:
"The reader not only gets 44 well annotated games featuring instructive prose and detailed variations, but also lots of behind-the-scene commentary not only by Bareev but by fellow Russian GM's like Boris Gelfand and Peter Svidler as well as by Kramnik himself (...) Well worth the money."

Steve Goldberg, Scholastic Chess Gateway:
"If you have ever wanted to be a fly on the wall observing what takes place 'backstage' with world championship contenders, this is your book."