DVD Winning Chess The Easy Way - Vol.5

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Donald Bryne - Fischer 1956
One of Bobby's most famous games ever

Fischer - Robatsch 1962
Attack with opposite side castle

Robert Byrne - Fischer 1963
How to develop and then open the position, and use the inaccuracies of your opponent

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Fischer - U. Geller 1968
King's Indian Attack, making a plan, open files

Fischer - Tigran Petrosian 1971
Isolated pawn
In this game Bobby Fischer showed his versatility by playing a superb positional game. He exploited blacks weaken isolate d pawn; open files penetrated to the 7th rank and activated his King. This game further demonstrated that Bobby was not only a great tactical player but a great positional one also.

Bobby Fischer's Greatest Combination
Isolated pawn

1.Letelier -Fischer 1960
2. Fischer -Benko 1963
3. Fischer-Myagmasuren 1967
4. Fischer-Shocron 1959
5. Spassky -Fischer 1972