DGT Easy Game Timer

DGT Easy Game Timer


Easy Game Timer Feature list

Intuitive operation
Large moving lever for changing turn
Large 126 x 23 mm time display
Single front button game reset
Last used settings kept, when switched off

Game Timer (Count down)
up to 9 hrs 59 minutes for the full game (Chess, Checkers, Draughts, Go,
• Including exceed time display
• Different start time for each player possible
• Second-accurate programming up to 20 minutes, minute-accurate programming above 20
Upcounting Game Timer
Starts from Zero time
Move Timer
Programmed time for every move separately (Rummikub, Scrabble®)
• different move time for each players possible

Flag symbol for player that reaches zero time first
Time correction during a game
Seconds counting visible below 20 minutes
Warning sound on last 5 seconds
Sound function can be switched off and on during the game
6 languages user manual: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish

Pricing competitive with analogue chess clocks
Attractive Gift Box for protected storage too
2 year warranty
Approx. 2 year battery life (2 AA included)

Size: 14.4 cm width, 13.4 cm deep, 7 cm high
Weight in Gift Box: 430 gram