Chess Informant 124

Chess Informant 124

Ref: yin124

This edition includes:

Three Sicilians: Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich reacts vigorously to the sudden and dramatic appearance of the newly-invented "Giri variation", with its highly provocative early pawn thrust ..h7-h5. Supported by hard analysis, Moro offers a wealth of original ideas to help you get to grips with this "worst possible line in the Taimanov Sicilian".

New Romanticism by leading Indian GM Pentala Harikrishna, a new column on "The New Romantics," supplying ample evidence that it is not only soccer that can lay claim to being the beautiful game.

Sarunas Sulskis selects games illustrating the execution of strategic themes, while Rafael Leitao identifies significant innovations in the openings. To complete the instructive element, a new member of our team, Michael Roiz, offers a feast of top-level tactical niceties.

GM Keteven Arakhamia-Grant invites you to share the thrills and spills of the road that leads to the Women’s World Championship.

Dragan Solak narrates a very personal account of how he won the super-strong and richly sponsored Dubai Open.

Mihail Marin not only to share his own experiences with Italian Game, but even to go all the way back to Greco in 1620.

Mauricio Flores Rios, explores the reasons for the American’s new-found successes and analyses deeply six of his games against elite players from Gibraltar, Zurich, St.Louis and Khanty-Mansiysks.

GM Ivan Sokolov takes a close look at Shamkir, the strongest tournament of the year so far.

Endgame specialist, GM Karsten Mueller, uses ten up to date examples to impress upon us what we should keep in mind when entering seemingly "drawn" opposite-coloured bishop endgames.

All these articles, which make up the first half of Informator 124, are presented in plain English, whereas the second half maintains the half-century tradition of selecting the most interesting games from recent events with non-verbal annotations by the players themselves or the Chess Informant in-house team of grandmasters and international masters.