Complete Guide to Queen's Gambit Play

Complete Guide to Queen's Gambit Play

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Starting Out: Queen's Gambit Accepted - Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik

The Queen's Gambit Accepted (1.d4, d5; 2.c4, dxc4;) has became popular again with a number of leading Grandmasters, including Kasparov, Shirov and Anand, taking up the Black side. This book explains the typical plans for both sides in the QGA including lines where White plays 3.e4, as well as the main lines, where White has an isolated queen pawn with attacking chances to offset his weakened pawn structure.

The authors include 51 complete, annotated games with plenty of explanation and an abundance of hints, tips and warnings scattered throughout the text. The main sections are 3.e4, 3.Nf3 Main Lines and Less Popular Variations. The presentation is quite objective so that players of both White and Black could benefit from studying this opening monograph.

Alexander Raetsky is a Russian Grandmaster and Maxim Chetverik is an International Master also from Russia.

Published 2006, softback, 172 pages.

Starting Out: Queen's Gambit Declined - Neil McDonald

This introduction to the QGD is aimed at club and tournament players and includes strategy and pawn structure explanations as well as individual chapters on Lasker's Defence, Tartakower's Defence, The Classical Defence, Cambridge Springs Variation, Exchange Variation and Bf4 Systems.

There are plenty of hints and warnings throughout as well as 50 annotated key games which illustrate the theory of the QGD. Grandmaster Neil McDonald is a successful chess author and coach based in England.

Published 2006, softback, 191 pages.

Starting Out: Slav And Semi Slav - Glenn Flear

Analysis and 91 illustrative games on the Slav and Semi-Slav Defences with notes, tips and warnings throughout the text. Includes the main lines, gambit lines, 4.e3, Exchange Variation, 4..a6; in the Slav and Botvinnik, Moscow and Meran Variations and deviations in the Semi-Slav. Extensive coverage in text and analysis.

Glenn Flear is an English Grandmaster and author of several books.

Published 2005, softback, 256 pages.