Writings In Chess History

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Essays and Interview

Chapter 1: Forgotten Games: Additions to the Steinitz Cannon ...1
Chapter 2: Zukertort in Canada: The Story of an Exhibition ...22
Chapter 3: How Odd(s), or Leveling the Playing Field For Fun and Profit Before the Almighty Rating ...58
Chapter 4: Lost Promise: George N. Cheney ...70
Chapter 5: Henry Thomas Buckle: A Life, with Chess ...78
Chapter 6: The Chess Games of Henry Thomas Buckle (1821-1862) ...108
Chapter 7: The Short, Tragic Life of Alexander G. Sellman ...173
Chapter 8: The Chess Games of Alexander G. Sellman (1856-1888) ...187
Chapter 9: Philadelphia's Rex: How Small Club Play Helped Chess Flourish in Philadelphia a Hundred Years Ago ..271
Chapter 10: California Chess, 1858-1859 ...324
Chapter 11: Howard Staunton and Chess by "Electric Telegraph" ...332
Chapter 12: The Rich Body and Complex Texture of Correspondence Chess in America ...340
Chapter 13: Emanuel Lasker: The Challenge for a Biographer ...350
Chapter 14: Emanuel Lasker at Haverford College ...358
Chapter 15: Norman Tweed Whitaker: The Georgia Connection ...361
Chapter 16: Hermann Helms and Correspondence Chess Coverage in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle ...374
Chapter 17: Jacob Elson's Early Years ...385
Chapter 18: The Marshall Canon: Unexplored Treasure for Future Historians ...390
Chapter 19: New York 1891: A Day to Remember ...427
Chapter 20: Oscar Chajes, Chess Master ...450
Chapter 21: Master "Without Portfolio": Franklin Melville Teed ...458
Chapter 22: Collaborative Chess Journalism: An Underused Opportunity ...465
Chapter 23: Conversation with a Correspondence Chess Historian: Interview with John S. Hilbert, by Neil Brennen (circa 2002) ...468
Chapter 24:The "Megaphone Man": The Curious Story of J. Henry Smythe, Jr. ...480
Chapter 25: Philip R. Geffe: A Chess Story (Written with IM John Donaldson ...495

Chapter 26: Of Life and Games: Philidor ...505
Chapter 27: A Tale of Splendor and Woe: Pollock Memories ...512
Chapter 28: The Art of Chess Biography: The Chess Biography of Marcel Duchamp, Volume One ...517
Chapter 29: Displaced Person ... Universal Talent: Elmer Zemgalis ...523
Chapter 30: When Daniel Seeks the Lion's Den The British Chess Review ...529
Chapter 31: Conflict on-and off-the Chessboard The Chess Player 's Chronicle, New Series (Second Series) ...537
Chapter 32: Irregular Regularity, Or, The Chess Player 's Chronicle, Fifth Series ...544
Chapter 33: Victorian Restraint ... or Lack Thereof: The Chess Monthly, Volume 9 ...552
Chapter 34: The Diligent Harlequin: Hoffer and The Field ...560
Chapter 35: A World of Chess: The Chess World ...567
Chapter 36: Winding Through the Past: The American Chess Journal ...574
Chapter 37: When Chess Historians Meet ...582
Chapter 38: Russian Silhouettes ...588
Chapter 39: The Gambler, Cured: Curse of Kirsan ...595
Chapter 40: A Cornucopia of Chess ... and then some: A Chess Omnibus ...601

Index of Games ...611