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Wisest Things Ever Said About Chess

Wisest Things Ever Said About Chess

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Product type: Printed book

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Andrew Soltis
"Help your pieces to help you", "The best opening is the opening your opponent doesn't know", "There are 'good' bad bishops and 'bad' good bishops." This fascinating book contains 288 powerful strategic insights, culled from three centuries of great players. Each of these invaluable maxims is illustrated with an example from master play, making the book a useful repository of chess concepts for both players and teachers alike. These snippets of wisdom are arranged into themed chapters such as: Calculation, Intuition, Strategy, Position Evaluation, Openings, Sacrifices, Attitude, Endgames, Mistakes, Studying, Time Management and Tournament Tactics. This is a great book to dip in and out of - every page contains a nugget of wisdom that will help you hone your own chess skills and win your next game. Andrew Soltis is an American Grandmaster, journalist and author of numerous successful books on chess strategy and thinking.
Published 2008, softback, 304 pages.


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