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The Reliable Past

The Reliable Past

Ref: n1114

Product type: Printed book

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Gennady Sosonko

The Reliable Past is the eagerly awaited sequel to Russian Silhouettes, Genna Sosonko's marvellous collection of portraits from the golden age of Soviet chess. Combining an insider's nostalgia with the detachment of a critical observer, Sosonko, who left Leningrad to settle in Holland in 1972, described champions and other key figures of Soviet chess from a privileged dual perspective.

In this book, the author again shows himself a unique chronicler of a time when chess occupied a unique position in his native country; but he also wanders across it's borders with his memories of Dutch World Champion Max Euwe and a touching tribute to the first ever British grandmaster, Tony Miles. There are also reminiscences of Viktor Korchnoi, Salo Flohr, Edward Gufeld, Viktor Baturinsky and others.

From the preface by Garry Kasparov: "The reader is presented with a gallery of wonderful pen-portraits that radiate the author's love and devotion to chess, and with a due measure of objectivity and detachment. Look, it says - this is the chess world and its heroes, with all their virtues and defects!"

Published 2003, softback, 205 pages

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