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Tactics In The Chess Opening 2: Open Games

Tactics In The Chess Opening 2: Open Games

Ref: n1124

Product type: Printed book

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A C van der Tak & F Nijboer

The opening moves 1.e4,e5; lead to some of the sharpest play in all of chess including such openings as the King's Gambit, Vienna Game, Scotch Opening, Italian Game, Ruy Lopez and Petroff Defence. For this book the authors have selected and annotated 250 top level games, each featuring brilliant attacks typical of the opening played. Whether you want to pick up new ideas for your own games or just enjoy some beautiful tactical play this book will make an enjoyable, endgame free read.

Friso Nijboer is a Dutch GM and AC van der Tak is a respected writer on openings.

Published 2004, softback, 237 pages.

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