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Survival Guide To Rook Endings

Survival Guide To Rook Endings

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Product type: Printed book

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John Emms

Rook and pawn endings are the most commonly occurring type of ending and so some practical knowledge of them is useful for players at all levels. This re-issue of John Emms guide, originally published in 1999, concentrates on typical examples of rook endings taken from real game examples.

The book is divided into four parts; Basic Rook Endings (Rook v pawn, rook & pawn v rook), Rook and Pawn Endings (pawns on one side of the board), Rook and Pawn Endings (pawns on both sides of the board) and Double Rook Endings.

The author explains the key ideas, knowledge of which will save you valuable time in match play, and finishes each section with test positions to check your progress.

John Emms is an English Grandmaster and an experienced author and chess coach.

Published 2008 (orig. 1999), softback, 160 pages.
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