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Starting Out: The French

Starting Out: The French

Ref: p4229

Product type: Printed book

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Byron Jacobs

An excellent introduction to the French Defence written in reader friendly style with tips, hints and warnings throughout. All major systems are covered and the author includes 81 annotated games to illustrate typical play in each variation.

Each chapter starts with an explanation of the various strategies available and concludes with several key games taken mostly from the 1990s. There is perhaps a slight bias towards Black's chances but all White's major options receive coverage.

Chapters include: Winawer Variation (Qg4, Positional, Other), Classical Variation (4.e5, 4.Bg5,dxe4; 4.Bg5, Nf6), Tarrasch Variation (3...Nf6; 3...c5; Others) and Various (including Advance Variation & Rubinstein System).

Published 2002, softback, 176 pages.


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