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Offbeat Spanish (Without 3..a6)

Offbeat Spanish (Without 3..a6)

Ref: p4242

Product type: Printed book

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Glenn Flear

Variations without 3..a6 can be solid (Berlin Defence, Steinitz Defence) or more risky (Schliemann Defence, Classical Defence) allowing player's of all styles to find a system to suit them. With these systems Black avoids both the main line Spanish and the drawish Exchange Variation and directs the game along his own channels.

For this book Glenn Flear examines 3..f5, 3..Nf6, 3..Bc5, 3..d6, 3..Nd4, 3..Nge7 and 3..g6 through the medium of 53 complete, annotated games. The emphasis is on ideas for Black but all White's major attacking options are examined.

Published 2000, softback, 144 pages.


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