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Meeting 1.e4

Meeting 1.e4

Ref: p4219

Product type: Printed book

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Alexander Raetsky
A repertoire for Black based on the Sicilian Four Knights System (1.e5,c5; 2.Nf3,Nc6; 3.d4,cxd4; 4.Nxd4,Nf6; 5.Nc3,e6.). This relatively rare defence will avoid most opponents' theory and offers as much counterplay as other main lines. The author also includes chapters on the c3 Sicilian, Closed Sicilian, Grand Prix Attack, Morra Gambit and Rossolimo Variation (3.Bb5). Coverage is via 72 complete, annotated games and the author includes "points to remember" for each chapter and other explanations of strategy when required. Alexander Raetsky is a Russian IM and contributor to New in Chess and 64 magazines.
Published 2002, softback, 159 pages.


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