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Grandmaster Repertoire 15: The French Defence Volume 2

Grandmaster Repertoire 15: The French Defence Volume 2

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Product type: Printed book

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Emanuel Berg

The French Defence is one of the most popular and reliable responses to 1.e4. Black invites his opponent to gain space in the centre, with the intention of undermining the enemy position and launching a counterattack. Although the amount of theory has expanded in recent years, the French often leads to positions where positional and strategic understanding prove more relevant than long sequences of computer-generated moves.

Grandmaster Repertoire 15: The French Defence 2 is the second of three volumes which will provide a complete repertoire as Black in the French Defence. This volume deals with the critical 7.Qg4 line in the Winawer. It includes sections on both of Black's key responses, 7..cxd4; 7..0-0; with 8..f5; and 7..0-0; with 8..Nc6; faeturing in-depth analysis of each.

Emanuel Berg is a Swedish grandmaster with a peak rating of 2627. Twice Swedish Champion, he is known both for his aggressive playing style and for his thorough opening preparation. He is a lifelong devotee of the French Defence, having played it successfully for more than two decades

Published 2013, softback, 304 pages.
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