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From London to Elista

From London to Elista

Ref: n1219

Product type: Printed book

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Winner of the ECF Book of the Year 2008 award!

Evgeny Bareev & Ilya Levitov

An extraordinary account of the main battles in the life of Vladimir Kramnik, a World Champion and a Samurai, in Bareev's words. From London to Elista gives a fascinating look behind the scenes of top-level chess, specifically at Kramnik's matches with Kasparov (London 2000), Leko (Brissago 2004) and Topalov (Elista 2006). It provides superb analysis, by Bareev, of all the games and it does much more. In Socrates-style dialogues, Bareev and co-author Ilya Levitov reveal everything about the preparation, the progress and the aftermath, about the secret strategy and the brutal stress of the three battles from their perspective inside Kramnik's camp.

This rich book is indispensable for anyone who wants to know what makes top grandmasters tick. It is written "from the horse's mouth", and it is full of honesty, irony, history, wit, anger, wisdom, and even poetry. Includes many photographs.

Evgeny Bareev is one of the world's strongest grandmasters today. He was Kramnik's second during the matches against Kasparov in 2000 and against Leko in 2004, and was in close contact with the Kramnik team during the scandal-plagued reunification match with Topalov in Elista. Public relations expert Ilya Levitov has been an ardent chess amateur all his life. He is a close friend of Vladimir Kramnik and Evgeny Bareev.

Published 2007, softback, 400 pages.
Sample pages (pdf)


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