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Devious Chess

Devious Chess

Ref: b9004

Product type: Printed book

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Amatzia Avni

Are you tired of playing routine chess, slavishly following the same positional and tactical ideas and ending up in dull, balanced positions most of the time? Then consider trying "devious chess". It means heading for complex, risky, materially unbalanced positions and playing moves which are not obvious, are impudent and often unsound.

The real point is that you know that your moves and ideas may be suspect but, as long as they're double-edged and insanely complicated, you just don't care. You're playing for beauty and enjoyment. It was good enough for Mikhail Tal, Frank Marshall, Tony Miles, David Bronstein and a host of others and this book will give you an insight into what's required.

Author and chess psychologist Amatzia Avni uses numerous examples from Grandmaster and Master play to show you how to steer your game into uncharted territory, make peculiar moves and raise the tension, and your opponents blood pressure, to boiling point. You're never going to be World Champion so why not enjoy yourself instead?

The author is an Israeli Master and author of numerous books on the psychology of chess.

Published 2006, softback, 144 pages.


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