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Decision Making At The Chessboard

Decision Making At The Chessboard

Ref: g8387

Product type: Printed book

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Viacheslav Eingorn

Chess is a game of decisions. As well as deciding about which move to play and which plan to adopt, players must also make practical decisions about how to use their clock time and whether to use intuition rather than trying to calculate every line to a finish.

Viacheslav Eingorn draws upon his vast experience to provide guidance on how to weigh the various factors in positions and decide on the best course of action. He examines many practical examples and explains how the critical decisions were made, and investigates whether they were correct.

Chapters include Individuality and Style, Active Defence, A Feeling for Danger, In Search of an Idea, Mindswap and a test section Analyze This!

Published 2003, softback, 208 pages.
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