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Chess Recipes From The Grandmaster's Kitchen

Chess Recipes From The Grandmaster's Kitchen

Ref: g8355

Product type: Printed book

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Valerie Beim

Sample pages (pdf)

The author has long been fascinated by the skill that leading players have of finding good moves in any kind of position and so set himself the task of understanding how those moves are found and what are the thought processes which such players use. This book is the result of his studies and he tries to show the reader how to use the same thinking techniques employed by grandmasters. There are many practical examples which demonstrate new ways of looking at chess positions.

Topics include "Inverse Thinking", "Technique of Analysing Variations" and "Tactical Ideas in the Middlegame". Each of the 8 chapters concludes with a sets of test positions.

Published 2002, softback, 128 pages.

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