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Boris Spassky: Master Of Initiative

Boris Spassky: Master Of Initiative

Ref: p4425

Product type: Printed book

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Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik

This "find the winning continuation" style book has 150 diagrammed puzzles, all taken from Spassky's games, together with hints and solutions. The complete game from which the puzzle comes is given in the solutions section. In the brief biographical introduction the authors look back over Spassky’s long and distinguished career to examine how he defeated his long-time adversaries, carefully highlighting his most colourful and celebrated encounters over the chessboard.

Boris Spassky is a true chess legend, a World Champion who, thanks to his monumental battles with Bobby Fischer, raised the popularity of the game to a level that had never been seen before. Although at the height of his powers many saw Spassky as a universal player, adept at outplaying his opponents in any type of position, it is no secret that from an early age he thrived on sharp, attacking play. With the initiative at his hands he could conjure up wonderful combinations and deadly attacks.

Published 2006, softback, 160 pages.


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